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X-Yachts: "Beautiful Boats Deserve Safety and Security"

Sensar Marine
Sensar Marine

X-Yachting Sailing Center in Greece is the World's First Exclusive X-Yachts Charter Center. The center was created by a group of entrepreneurs who love sailing and who refused to compromise on the modern charter experience.

Who are you, and what does your company do?

My name is George Anfyiotis, and I am the CEO of X-Yachting Sailing Center. The X-Yachting Sailing Center in Greece is the perfect starting point for a sailing vacation. We provide a high-end service, with high-end boats in a beautiful and unique sailing destination. We have a very tailor-made service, and our mission is to offer unforgettable experiences.

Which challenges were you trying to solve with Sensar Marine?

We are practically an asset management company — we currently operate eight company-owned and four managed yachts - our primary concern above all is to keep those assets safe.

For us, a tracking device is not just "good to have" but rather a crucial tool in our business. We need to know where the boat is but equally important for us is the collection of different information which helps us see the usage, and then with our experience, we can evaluate if the boat/crew needs help.

A tracking device and a platform behind it, with all the collected information, is an integral part of our business in order to function.


What made Sensar Marine stand out from other options?

There are three main factors for us:

  1. Reliability - we wanted a reliable partner.
  2. Easy installation - the plug and play factor was key for us. On our managed boats, we could quickly install the device for the time the vessel was under our care.
  3. Access to real-time information via mobile devices - it allows us to free up resources from desk work and at the same time, have secure access to all the information our operators need to have.


What have you been able to achieve since using Sensar Marine?

With Sensar Marine, we now have 24/7 monitoring of our fleet. When you own a charter business, you can't always be behind a screen, and now our team can monitor the boats day and night without entering the office. 

Another advantage is early detection of issues. Now we can be proactive and provide a quick response in the event of an incident. This is helpful for us not only in caring for the fleet but also to have a boat's sailing record is essential for us. We can then guarantee that our boats out sailing have not been in an incident, and that's good for our business.

What surprised you the most or made you the happiest about using Sensar Marine?

The real surprise was that every month we were contacted by Paal and Kelly, regarding new features of the platform. The product is continually changing, enriched with new features; they listen and incorporate what we have to say about the day to day usage. It's a fantastic response rate and a beautiful story is going on around this product. I do not doubt that in 2-3 years from now Sensar Marine will by far be the best product out there.

What would you tell someone who's considering Sensar Marine?

All the information you get through the Sensar Marine product may seem a luxury in the beginning, but it can prove really useful in the story of the boat. One time you may have water in the bilge, that alone is enough to save significant expenses.

For us, it would make no sense to buy a beautiful boat and not put in the Boat Monitor product.

All charter companies know you need to have a tracking system; it's a no brainer. All I would have to say is that the product does the job it says it does, in a very user-friendly way for all charter operators.


Is there anything else that you would like to comment on or say about Sensar Marine?

I want to comment on the people that are attached to Sensar Marine, as a company they are truly paying attention to the right people and having the right culture.

X-Yachting Sailing Center is careful in choosing our collaborators who share our values and culture. From the first meeting with the management from Sensar Marine, we felt at home.

Around this beautiful product is a beautiful team, brilliant, responsive and professional people — who really love what they do. For us, with our values, we truly appreciate this feature of Sensar Marine.

X-Yachting Sailing Center in Greece is the World's First Exclusive X-Yachts Charter Center Offering Bareboat Charters, Skippered Sailing Holidays and One-Design Events. The charter base is located in Lavrio, Greece, just 16nm from the beginning of beautiful areas of the Greek archipelago.


Sensar Marine
Sensar Marine