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5 Year Guarantee

We know you’ll love our products as much as we do. So much so, that if there's anything wrong with your hardware in the first 5 years, we'll replace it for free.

Our products are specifically developed to tolerate a long life in a boat.

We stand behind their quality and reliability, and can't wait to share them with you - simple as that. 

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Questions about our product guarantee?

6 Answers

All hardware products that are delivered in Boat Monitor with Bilge Sentry:

  • Boat Monitor device
  • Bilge Sentry
  • Battery/Bilge pump cable set

In cases where only one piece of your system is malfunctioning, only that sensor will be replaced. 

Yes -  a number of issues you may experience can be resolved by our technical team working behind the scenes. When you send in your case, they will take a look at your device's data and see if there is a solution which doesn't require hardware replacement first. 

Additionally, some problems with GPS signal may be resolvable by adjusting the mounting position of your device so that signals can freely communicate with satellites. In these cases, our support team will work directly with you to ensure that the device is placed correctly in the boat. 

Yes - we will give the same service to all customers. 

That includes those who bought from a boat dealer, purchased a new boat with our products pre-installed, or other retailer - and of course customers from our web store. 

Your products will be covered for 5 years after your original purchase from us, or from one of our certified resellers. 

This includes cases where boats are sold on with the Boat Monitor installed - the new owner will be covered for the remaining years they have on their guarantee, so long as documentation of purchase is passed on by the original owner. 

Yes - this guarantee covers all sales of our product from our web store, or from one of our certified resellers - regardless of location. 

After we've determined that your device isn't working, your replacement hardware will be shipped to you with a return label inside the package.

Then you can ship your malfunctioning hardware back to us so that we can examine and then repair or recycle your broken device.

We're here to help!

Contact our team if you happen to experience any issues with your device. 

Write us an email...