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Our focus on quality

Our focus is, and always have been, on producting a quality product that satisfy everyone.

IPx7 Waterproof Standard

  • The system is totally waterproof. Even if the radio does not transmit underwater, the system continues to operate and runs normally afterwards.
  • Certification is done by a German laboratory where the system is lowered to a depth of 1m for 30 minutes.
  • The cables used are also tested and certified to IPx7.
  • To our knowledge, this is the only monitoring system for boats where the system with cables and connections is IPx7 protected and certified.

Internal Battery

  • Our battery cells are from Samsung - one of the most reputable suppliers of lithium cells and similar to that used in Tesla's battery pack.
  • Each battery is encapsulated in an aluminum sleeve, giving the electronics protection from over-supply of voltage or short circuiting.
  • The battery pack is then incased by a plastic housing for protection against moisture and corrosion.
  • The German TUV has certified the entire battery pack for use in the maritime environment.


  • The electronics are protected with a layer of polymer. No production standards require this, but we see it as necessary for a product being used in a boat under harsh maritime conditions.
  • Protective coatings and design prevent moisture and other external elements - especially salt water and crystals - from impacting the electronics, such as scratching or corrosion.
  • Each input from the battery and bilge pump is protected against overvoltage and short circuit.

Mobile Subscription

  • Continuous monitoring and 4G data communication with Sensar Marine cloud - consider this a mobile phone plan for your boat.
  • Worldwide operation and support of your Boat Monitor
  • Unlimited notification and alarms.
  • Unlimited access and usage of data and app.
  • Free sharing and use of the app with others.
  • Free automatic OTA (over-the-air) updates and new functionality

Built-in SIM and data managed by Sensar Marine

  • The SIM module is built-in and managed by Sensar Marine.
  • This ensures that there is ongoing communication between your Boat Monitor and the Sensar Marine Cloud
  • It gives us the opportunity to monitor that the communication is as it should be and troubleshoot if there should be any problems.
  • Solutions with SIM prepaid cards and twin cards have proven not to be suitable for use in a security system, and do not receive FG approval.
  • The prepaid card expires without either the customer or the provider of the service being notified.

4G Radio

  • Our 4G radio in the module is the same that used in Tesla's Model 3.
  • We support full roaming and utilize several telecom operators in each country to ensure reliable service.
  • In North America we work with AT&T, T-Mobile, Alaska Wireless, Telus, Rogers and Bell in addition to some regional carriers.
  • We use standard 4G LTE technology as this is the most universally supported standard in all major markets and throughout the world.
  • We do not use LTE-M or NB-IoT as these protocols do not have worldwide support.
  • We do not rely on older 2G and 3G technology as this is being phased out.

Fire Retardant Plastic

  • All plastic used in the system is fire retardant - while more costly than ordinary plastic, we believe this is necessary for safe use in boats.
  • The plastic itself is certified and satisfies CE requirements for flammability


  • Our cables are "tinned" - this process protects the copper wires from corrosion. While this is costly, it is very necessary to ensure their durability in a maritime environment.
  • The wires themselves are 1.5mm2 - not because they draw a lot of power, but because thin wires are not suitable for use in boating electronics.
  • The cables must withstand salt water and be well protected against wear and tear. A frayed cable can cause major damage, including fire in a worst case scenario.
  • Inexpensive systems, that use thin cables that are neither suitable nor certified for use in boats.

Cable Footing

  • The cable footing and connectors are designed to be robust. They will not be damaged when the nut is securely tightened. Additionally, these nuts are 3 times as strong as those you can buy in the hardware store, or a boat equipment store.

Coupling to Bilge Pump

  • To connect to the bilge pump, we use an industrial connection from 3M. This is filled with silicone and which makes a waterproof connection between the wires.

Bilge Sentry

  • Bilge Sentry is made exclusively of plastic with the electronics encased in plastic.
  • When we developed the Bilge Sentry, we tested many designs over several seasons. Even the best materials with acid-resistant steel have problems in the Scandinavian climate when used in boats - with salt crystals being especially problematic.
  • Our final solution was to develop what has become a groundbreaking sensor - which has no exposed metals or moving components and uses very little power - to satisfy the requirements we set for measuring water in boats.
  • This also gave us the opportunity to add a temperature sensor in the water module to follow temperature in the keel and warn of frost and ice during the winter.


  • All data is stored continuously in the Sensar Marine cloud.
  • This means that all data is stored and ready for use in the cloud.
  • Should something unforeseen happen, the latest measurements are available.
  • Older systems only stored data locally, and one could risk not accessing critical information when it was most needed.

Upgrading programs and systems

  • In addition to monitoring the boat, we monitor the system itself.
  • We are constantly improving the system and regularly upgrading the software with additional functionality.
  • Software upgrades happen automatically without our customers having to do anything.

Future Expansion

  • The system is made with the future in mind.
  • Built into the system, there are future-oriented possibilities with expansion of wireless devices in addition to wired expansion.
  • Sensar Marine continues the development and has plans for further expansion of additional modules without having to replace the main unit.

Size and Weight

Boat Monitor Dimensions

Status LED lights

  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue


  • Waterlevel
  • Temperature
  • Gyro
  • Battery

Position tech

  • Multi-GNSS receiver

Analog inputs

  • Battery 1
  • Battery 2
  • Bilge pump
  • GND


  • 8-36 V direct current


  • -4°F < T < 140°F

Mounting bracket

  • Height: 83 mm
  • Width: 90 mm
  • Depth: 28 mm

Mounting screws

  • Height: 483 mm
  • Depth: 28 mm

Mobile coverage

  • 4G internal antenna


  • Internal antenna

Wireless signal

  • 868 mHz

You and your boat, on the same wavelength.

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