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Know your boat is OK while you are away.

Sensar Marine automatically monitors your boat’s critical systems and allows you to check their status on your mobile phone.

Now you can keep track of your boat no matter where you are, all in the palm of your hand.

Sensar Marine app
Sensar Marine iphone app

Awareness in the palm of your hand

With our app you’ll always have remote monitoring of your boat.  You can check its status whenever you wish. Know everything is OK and enjoy peace of mind wherever you are.

Get notified when something happens

From the marina to miles offshore, something unexpected can always happen to your boat.  With Sensar Marine, we keep an eye on your boat and alert you when something needs your attention.

Boat Monitor

Sensar is Always On

The Sensar System is designed to run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year - all without draining your boat batteries. 

Data is continuously collected from the system, and it alerts you immediately when your boat needs attention. 



Voltage is monitored and notifications sent if the starter and/or house battery drops to critically low power levels.

Water in bilge

Water level

The innovative Bilge Sentry measures the water level in the bilge and will notify you of rising water in your boat.

Bilge pump

Bilge pump

Bilge pump activity is tracked. Alerts will be sent anytime the bilge pump operates.



The Boat Monitor has an integrated accelerometer that shows G-force. Know when your boat has experienced an impact or abuse.



The Bilge Sentry has two integral temperature sensors (water/air) and will alert you when your boat is at risk of freezing.


GPS position

The integrated GPS antenna will give you real-time information about your boat's position using all available satellites in the area.

What our customers are saying …

"Great and easy to install product. All boat owners should own one."

Picture of Brian May
Brian May
Michigan, USA

"The install was incredibly simple and it gives me peace of mind when I leave the boat."

Picture of Mike Kostigen
Mike Kostigen
Massachusetts, USA

"I live 25 minutes away from the harbor and this product means I don’t have to worry about the boat and I recommend it to anyone who has a boat."

Picture of Espen Glesne
Espen Glesne
Drammen, Norway

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We make sure everything's ok, while you are away.

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