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The Viknes Story: Crafting Excellence in Scandinavian Boating

Sensar Marine
Sensar Marine

In the serene landscapes of Norway, a family-run business, Viknes, has been fulfilling maritime dreams for generations. Known for their quality and craftsmanship, Viknes has been a trusted name in the boating industry for decades. In a recent interview with the second-generation CEO, Kristan Sivertsen, we gained insights into their journey, challenges, and their unwavering commitment to the "Made In Norway" ethos.

Viknes is more than a business; it's a way of life for the Sivertsen family from an island near Bergen. The founder Jan-Inge Sivertsen`s philosophy of building boats tailored to customers' needs remains central. Yet, inheriting such a legacy comes with its own responsibilities and challenges.

Kristian Sivertsen showing customers around their beautiful Skilø 35 Fly at the Oslo floating boat show

Weathering Storms

The Viknes family has faced their share of challenges, including the 2008 financial crisis and a devastating fire in 2000, leaving their production plant in ashes. However, these trials have made them resilient. Preparedness for unforeseen circumstances is now ingrained in their culture, emphasizing their unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

"Made In Norway" Pride

Viknes takes pride in sourcing most of its materials locally and maintaining strong relationships with Norwegian suppliers. Their commitment to "Made In Norway" isn't just about national pride; it's about delivering top-notch quality to their customers. This proximity to suppliers enables them to adapt quickly to changes while upholding a reliable standard of quality.

Kristian Sivertsen is comfortable seated on top of their Skilsø 35 Fly

Innovative Choices

Known for crafting custom-made boats, Viknes took a bold step by including Sensar Marine as a standard feature. This decision reflects their dedication to meeting customer expectations and providing peace of mind. Monitored boats offer customers reassurance and insight they truly appreciate. The choice of Sensar Marine, meeting their "Made In Norway" and quality criteria, underscores their commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends.


Sensar Marine comes as standard equipment on all models from Viknes/Skilsø.

Navigating the future

The boat-building industry faces challenges in uncertain times. Yet, Viknes stands in a favorable position, supported by a loyal customer base eager to embrace the joys of boating. While they acknowledge the challenges ahead, they remain vigilant and prepared to adapt to changing circumstances.

The Viknes family's story is one of tradition, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to delivering the best to their customers. As the second generation continues the Viknes legacy, they do so with the knowledge that excellence is non-negotiable. With "Made In Norway" proudly stamped on each boat they produce, Viknes continues to set the standard for quality and innovation in the Scandinavian boat market.

Despite dark clouds over the boating industry, the sun always shines above the clouds. Viknes experienced great attendance at the floating boat show in Oslo, “Båter i Sjøen”.


Sensar Marine
Sensar Marine

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