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Patrick Dykstra Chooses Sensar Marine

Sensar Marine
Sensar Marine

Award-winning wildlife cameraman Patrick Dykstra has captured breathtaking footage of the planet's most extraordinary creatures and natural wonders. We are thrilled to announce that Patrick has chosen Sensar Marine as his boat monitoring partner for future adventures. 

Patrick Dystra's journey to becoming a celebrated wildlife cinematographer is nothing short of remarkable. His talents were recognized when he won a BAFTA award for his cinematography in the BBC's "Blue Planet 2." This series took viewers on a journey through the world's oceans, showcasing the beauty and fragility of marine life.

Following this success, Patrick hosted a television series, "Chasing Ocean Giants," broadcast in over 150 countries on the Discovery Channel. In addition to his work on "Blue Planet 2" and "Chasing Ocean Giants," Patrick has contributed his talent to major nature programs for platforms like Netflix, National Geographic, AppleTV+, Discovery, and BBC. Recently Patrick released his feature film titled “Patrick and the Whale” about his extraordinary friendship with a sperm whale. His storytelling and cinematographic skills have brought the wonders of the ocean to our screens, educating and inspiring viewers across the globe. 

Poster for Patrick's most recent project "Patrick and The Whale"

Sensar Marine's robust design and its ability to work seamlessly in various conditions around the world were key factors that attracted Patrick. Having filmed in some of the harshest environments on the planet, he understands the importance of equipment that can withstand the rigors of marine exploration. The ocean is unpredictable, and working in extreme conditions requires dependable and innovative technology. 

As Patrick Dykstra embarks on his next adventures, we look forward to the extraordinary stories and visuals that he will bring to our screens. And with Sensar Marine monitoring his boats, Patrick is well-prepared to capture the wonders of the ocean and share them with the world. 

To see more of Patrick's work check out his website and social media accounts below.


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Sensar Marine
Sensar Marine

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