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Brig - The world's leading manufacturer of RIB boats, hailing from Ukraine

Sensar Marine
Sensar Marine

With Sensar Marine attending the Oslo floating boat show last weekend, we had the privilege of speaking with Atle Staff, the importer of Brig boats in Norway. Brig is a renowned manufacturer of rigid inflatable boats, known for its commitment to offering cutting-edge technology and design at an affordable price point. In this interview, Atle Staff shared valuable insights into their journey as an importer, the challenges of the war in Ukraine, the distinctive qualities that set Brig boats apart, and their choice of equipment partners, including Sensar Marine.

Overcoming Challenges 

Our discussion began by addressing the challenges that Brig has encountered while designing and producing boats in Ukraine over the past few years. Atle Staff revealed that they had faced instances where trailers and boats arrived with damage caused by grenade splinters. Additionally, the Brig factory faced a staggering 14-month shutdown due to these adverse circumstances, leading to inevitable delays in deliveries. However, what truly shines through in Brig's response is their unwavering commitment to their customers. Despite these unprecedented challenges, they have worked tirelessly to get back on track. As Atle Staff puts it, every importer, nurtured by Brig headquarters, considers themselves more than just a business; they are a tightly-knit family that provides support to one another, especially during challenging times.


Brig boat patched up from grenade splinters. A reminder of the realities of the war in Ukraine.

The Brig Experience

Selling Dreams, Not Just Boats: Atle Staff's philosophy extends beyond merely selling boats; it's about selling a dream. For his Brig boats, he has meticulously chosen premium products to complement the brand, creating a complete ownership and usage experience that goes beyond standard boat ownership. Through this approach, they extend a warm welcome to their customers, inviting them into the Brig family. Once you become a part of this family, you're there to stay. This approach results in a lasting and memorable customer experience that sets Brig apart from the competition.

The Brig dock at the biggest floating boat show in Scandinavia, the Oslo “Baater i sjoen”.


Atle Staff's commitment to delivering excellence extends to the equipment that accompanies their boats. They have selected top-tier products to meet and surpass customer expectations. This dedication to quality and responsiveness to customer feedback has culminated in creating their premium offering, "The Hankø Edition." The trusted partners featured in this edition include Mercury, Simrad, JL Audio, Coastkey, and Sensar Marine. Each partner is chosen for their dedication to enhancing the boating experience, ensuring that every Brig boat is equipped with the best.

Sensar Marine -  Adding Peace of Mind

According to Atle Staff, the benefits of Sensar Marine are crystal clear. Sensar Marine provides critical alerts for boat owners, such as low battery warnings or notifications about water entering the boat, especially when they are not on board. Atle Staff emphasized that Sensar Marine brings peace of mind to customers, especially those planning weekend getaways. Additionally, it offers the valuable ability to track the boat's location, making it an essential asset for parents whose children borrow the boat.

Sensar Marine has quality in all aspects as a guiding light and is a proud partner of Brig Norway

The Future of the Boat Market in Scandinavia 

As we concluded the interview, our conversation shifted to the future of the boat market in Scandinavia. Atle Staff remains optimistic despite acknowledging the market's volatility. He firmly believes that by offering robust products and exceptional service, they are well-prepared to weather any challenges that may arise. While there may be uncertainties on the horizon, Atle Staff confidently states, "If your product and service are solid, customers will come."

To sum it up, Atle Staff's strong dedication to quality, resilience when facing difficulties, and focus on providing a great boating experience make them a notable choice for boating enthusiasts. With partners like Sensar Marine, Brig goes beyond selling boats; they offer a lifestyle, a sense of belonging, and a commitment to quality that goes beyond the water's edge. As the boat market in Scandinavia faces challenges, Brig remains steadfast and well-prepared for the future.

Atle Staff (left) together with Brig`s Import manager Andriy Kravchenko remaining steadfast and positive for what the future holds.


Sensar Marine
Sensar Marine

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