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About Sensar Marine

Sensar Marine was founded in 2017 by Paal Kaperdal, who envisioned a better relationship between a boat and its owner. A lifelong boater himself, he had experienced first-hand the challenges of boat ownership, especially when far away from your boat. After significant development and thorough testing, the flagship product, Sensar Marine, was launched in 2019. This introduced a solution designed specifically for use in boats, which could run 24/7, 365 days a year without draining boat batteries. Sensar Marine sends data continuously to Sensar Marine's private cloud network, which organizes and sends data to the Sensar Marine mobile app. 

Sensar Marine has introduced a way for boaters to monitor their boats from their mobile phones, and be notified when their boat needs attention. To date, Sensar Marine has been installed in thousands of boats of all types, in harbors around the world.


Press Contact:

Ørjan Vognstølen

+47 941 33 963