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Active devices require a monthly charge in order to track your boat, and notify you. You can choose between three unique subscription solutions - tailored to fit your needs.

EUR 89 /yr.

Paid in advance

Full overview of the boat’s systems from April 1st to October 31st.

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ANNUAL Popular
EUR 108 /yr.

Paid in advance (9,-/month)

Full overview of the boat's systems year round.

FG approved. Due to year-round tracking, this subscription enables discounts on insurance premiums and other insurance benefits. (Norway Only).

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EUR 12 /mo.

Paid in advance

Full overview of the boat’s systems in active months

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All subscriptions include...

Continuous monitoring of your boat

Operation and maintenance of the system

Data traffic from the boat to the boat owner's smartphone

SMS messages sent to boat owners if alarm levels are reached

Tracking of the boat if it is stolen

SmartBoat One

only 489 EUR

With our app, you’ll always have remote access to your boat, so you can check its status whenever you need to. Be sure that everything is okay, and enjoy peace of mind no matter where you are.