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Sensar Marine Expands to US Boating Market

April 29, 2022 | Lexington, Massachusetts, USA


Sensar Marine has opened an office in Massachusetts, hiring Austin Bliss as the Director of North America.

Sensar Marine’s products have always been designed to monitor boats, wherever their owners take them. For the past 3 years, we have focused on growing in our home markets in Northern Europe, where we have established ourselves in 6 countries, serving thousands of boat owners across these markets. Now, we are sailing across the Atlantic ourselves, in order to start delivering boat monitoring services to boaters in the United States and Canada.

The United States is the world’s largest unified boating market, with over 11 million recreational boats spread across the country’s coasts, rivers, and lakes. Sensar Marine’s founding was spurred on by founder Paal Kaperdal’s own experience as a boat owner while living in the United States. A dual citizen of Norway and the United States, Kaperdal has spent over 25 years living and working in the US and Canada, and has experienced the joy and challenges of owning a boat there.

“During my years living in North Carolina, time on the water was something that I treasured dearly. But owning a boat which was docked two hours from my home did not come without its challenges. When I moved back to Norway, I was determined to create a solution for boat owners that could watch over their boats when they are away. I couldn’t be more excited to see our boat monitoring systems installed in boats across America,” commented Paal Kaperdal, CEO and founder of Sensar Marine.

In order to establish itself and grow quickly, Sensar Marine has made its first hire to run operations in North America: Austin Bliss. Bliss is the former President of FreshAddress, an email marketing intelligence company he co-founded and grew for over 20 years until exiting in 2019. Moreover Bliss is also a passionate boater, docking his boat in Boston, Massachusetts.

“When I first heard about Sensar Marine, I immediately saw a product which would help me as a boat owner. Sensar Marine can truly revolutionize the experience of boat ownership in this country, and I am extremely excited and motivated to start engaging with fellow American boat owners,” said Austin Bliss, Director of North America at Sensar Marine.

Sensar Marine US, Inc. will be focused on engaging with US boaters, establishing an Early Adopter program, and connecting with boat builders. Sensar Marine’s boat monitoring systems are currently being certified for sale in the United States and are estimated to be available for aftermarket purchase in the fall of 2022.


For more information, contact:

Paal Kaperdal, CEO and Founder

+47 979 87 821



Austin Bliss, Director of North America

+1 (800) 910-2150


About Sensar Marine

Sensar Marine was founded by Paal Kaperdal, who envisioned a better relationship between a boat and its owner. A lifelong boater himself, he had experienced first-hand the challenges of boat ownership, especially when far away from your boat. After significant development and thorough testing, the flagship product, SmartBoat One, was launched in 2019. This introduced a solution designed specifically for use in boats, which could run 24/7, 365 days a year without draining boat batteries. SmartBoat One sends data continuously to Sensar Marine's private cloud network, which organizes and sends data to the Sensar Marine mobile app. 

SmartBoat One has introduced a way for boaters to monitor their boats from their mobile phones, and be notified when their boat needs attention. To date, SmartBoat One has been installed in thousands of boats of all types, in harbors around the world.


Press Contact:

Ørjan Vognstølen

+47 941 33 963



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