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Sail Tech: The Potential of SmartBoat One is Huge

Sensar Marine
Sensar Marine

Sail Tech is a retail and wholesale company in Finland, driven by people passionate about the marine and boating industry. They thrive to provide the best products and service to their customers. Enter: SmartBoat One.

Who are Sail Tech?

The company is situated in Finland and run by four devoted individuals: Jukka and Manni concentrate on sales, Ilkka takes care of the warehouse and shipping whilst Ulla is the person responsible for the online store and running the office. Their goal is to be a trustworthy partner for their customers who are mainly in Finland and Estonia. They have been an importer of boat accessories, sailing clothing and textiles since Jukka Herrala founded Sail Tech in 1992. Their customer base is substantial, and the products sold by Sail Tech represent the best quality in their field.


The Future of Boating

Jukka has a clear view on the future of boating and SmartBoat One. -Boating will grow. Shared ownership and rentals will be the thing in the nearest future. People want more turnkey service and digital surveillance on their boats. Therefore, more full-service boatyards are needed. SmartBoat One will be a key feature in the times to come.  


Why did they choose SmartBoat One?

Sail Tech first saw SmartBoat One on Facebook. When they were shown the product, they were really impressed. – The overall quality, compact packaging and well thought out appearance of the product made it stand out. What surprised us is how compact the unit is and the ease of installation, says Jukka.  

-Personally, I will install it on my day cruiser. Because how many times have I tried to remember if I turned the mains off, or left the switch on, after a boat ride? Now I can see the level of voltage of the batteries from my phone. SmartBoat One would have saved me quite a couple of checkup drives to my cottage after heavy rains and autumn storms.

Sailboats at the harbour. Photo by Ingo Jakubke from Pixabay

The Huge Potential of SmartBoat One

Jukka leaves no doubt about his view on SmartBoat One: Its potential is huge! Finland has many boats and is a long-distance country. With SmartBoat One you can monitor your boat in the dock at the cottage, from home. The boating industry is big in Finland, producing hundreds of boats that need SmartBoat One. Also, all the rental boat businesses will have great use of SmartBoat One. There are so many opportunities!


Why recommend SmartBoat One and Sensar Marine?

-The list is long. But when you install SmartBoat One, you do not have to stress about the whereabouts, nor the condition, of your boat in real time. We are incredibly pleased to cooperate with Sensar Marine: - We see all the positive energy and excitement in all that is happening at Sensar. Sail Tech are incredibly happy to be a part of bringing SmartBoat One to the Finnish and Estonian market.


Sensar Marine
Sensar Marine