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Product Update from our Tech Team

Sensar Marine
Sensar Marine

Our team works very hard to deliver quality products which meet the needs and demands of our customers, whether you are a private boat owner, a fisherman, or work in aquaculture.

The product development process this year has been  full of its fair share of triumphs, as well as challenges. As such, we want to give an update on tech we’ve developed this year, and our expectations for the continued improvement of our technologies and the service we hope to provide with them.


What we’ve launched:

Updated Mobile App —Current customers and interested followers of our product will have seen that the app has been updated from its previous form. For that reason, we’ll keep things short here...

In addition to a design overhaul of the app interface, we have focused our attention on the following areas:

  • Automatic logging of your trips in an all-new TripLog
    • Plots speed, course, and impact data continuously while your boat is in use
    • Shows previous three months of boat activity
  • Helping users better understand the Battery and G-force data we collect and present
  • Giving users more control over their GeoFence and Bilge Pump notifications

Take a look at the full release notes here


Updated Software within SmartBoat One — in order to upgrade the Triplog functionality,  specifically the additional data visualized for each tour,  we had to configure the devices to collect and send trip data in a more meaningful way. A few months before the app update, we updated the software which runs the SmartBoat devices, allowing us to collect and send data for this new format. This added speed and g-force data from your accelerometer to the position and time data which was visualized in the previous Beta version. 

What’s the best part? You didn’t have to do a thing. Your SmartBoat device is constantly in communication with our network, meaning we can update its software without you having to touch it. For new features in the future, this will still be the case, making the device you have in your boat today always ready for what we’re developing for tomorrow.

Please note — we have no plans to delete any historical data recorded from your boat even if you can't see it in your app. While we are limited to the three months currently displayed in Triplog, we are working on how we can make more trip data available in future app updates. 


What’s still in development:

Sensor Expansion — Many boats have a lot of additional opportunities for more monitoring, be it shore power monitoring, extra batteries, extra bilge pumps, fire and gas alarms, additional temperature sensors, moisture level sensors — the list goes on and on. 

Developing hardware from a conceptual prototype to a producible solution requires that the parts we build the prototype from don’t just do the job - they have to be readily available for future rounds of mass-production. This has been a major challenge for us throughout this year, as the technology market has not recovered to pre-COVID levels of supply.

As such, we have to extend our original timeline for this project. Due to continuing market uncertainty, we cannot give a concrete release date for when sensor expansion will be available - only say that we have active development, prototyping, and testing on this new hardware, and we will launch them as soon as the product is production ready to match the volume of customers we already have and plan to have in coming years. 

Despite this impact on new sensor development, we’re happy to say that we’ve been able to secure the parts to continue production of SmartBoat One for several years to come. You’ll still be able to refer your friends going forward.


Wrapping up:

Our product team has worked extremely hard to continue developing the product while also supporting all of the active devices we have in the market. We are proud of the improvements we have made and the trajectory of all our ongoing projects. We have learned a lot along the way that will ensure that all of our future products meet the standards of reliability and stability that we have held up to now.

Sensar Marine
Sensar Marine