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Product Road Map 2021

Sensar Marine
Sensar Marine

We are delighted to announce the launch of a major refresh of our app experience, and we hope to go live around the end of June 2021. We strive to create a rich experience for all SmartBoat One users, and we want to share the upcoming updates, as well as future plans of the highly sought after Control Module (Available in September/August 2021).

In the upcoming update to our app experience, we have made some updates to some of our features. Our fellow boat-lovers have provides us with great feedback, and now we can finally present them to you:


Improved Triplog

A calendar view now gives you an intuitive and user friendly overview of all of your trips within a day. If you like list views better than calendar views, you can toggle between them at the bottom of your screen. If you want more information on the trip, simply click on the chosen day and get a closer look at the gathered data.

Triplog four phones-1

When you pick a trip, you'll now get data on your average trip speed, maximum speed, the G-force impact on your boat during the trip and trip duration at a first glance. You can choose to go into full screen to get access to even more data.

Triplog last 2 phones copy

The red dot indicates where we measured the boat's position, and retrieved data from the system. You can click on the red dot to see the data we've gathered at that specific point. As before, you can at any given time choose to get a satellite view of your map.


Boat Movement Data

We have improved the way we present boat movements by offering you interpreted g force data as well as showing you the raw data. 

From the home screen, you’ll now get an overview of the highest g-force impact on your boat, within the last 24 hours. 

Boat movement


Bilge Pump Alarm

Bilge pump alarmYou can now receive alarms when your bilge pump starts. In the app, you can choose if you want to receive these notifications or not. From the main screen, go to your bilge pump page and click on pause bilge pump alarm and the duration of your pause.



Battery updates

We have improved the battery monitoring features to show if the battery is charging, if it has an acceptable power level, or if it needs to be charged. With this, you can have more actionable information to take proper care of your boat's batteries.


GPS & 4G Signal Strength

GPS signal update

You can now get an indication of your GPS signal strength and 4G modem signal strength in the bottom of the home screen. This is especially handy for those who keep their boats under a roof during the winter, or in places with bad coverage. This can also help you troubleshoot why data is not updating as expected in the app. In many cases the reason for lack of updates is poor signal quality.


The Control Module

We are happy to share some details about the the newest sensor system which will expand the capabilities of SmartBoat One. There have been several customers who have expressed interest in expanding the current system to be able to connect to other systems of the boat. Our new module will be called the "Control Module" for now, because it will allow you to use our app as a monitor and remote control for various systems in your boat.

We estimate this module's launch in Autumn, 2021. More information on pricing and a final launch data will be announced over the course of the year!

Control Module Screen shot

Slated functionalities include:

Shore Power Monitoring

The purpose is for boat owners with boats that utilize shore power to have the shore power monitored and receive alarms when shore power is lost.

With this you can monitor shore power and receive alarms when shore power is lost. The module will provide operating status, shore power status and trigger an alarm after the loss of shore power for more than a predetermined time.

Door & Hatch Detector

Identify if a door or hatch is opened or closed and be notified if someone opens, or closes the door when the alarm is enabled. Automatic arming of the system once the boat is moored

Engine Theft Detector for Outboard Engines

If the outboard engine is removed and the connection is broken, then the system will send an alarm and you will be notified.

Connection to Fire Alarm

If an external fire alarm system is installed and have an overview if it's powered or not. Identify if a fire alarm is triggered. If an alarm is triggered be notified. Any alarms will be notified in the app and communicated via an SMS message.

Connection to Gas Alarm

Stay updated if a gas alarm unit is installed and powered. Identify if a gas alarm is triggered. If an alarm is triggered you will be notified. Monitor status of the connection to an external gas alarm and observe historical activity of gas alarms. Any alarms will be notified in the app and communicated via an SMS message

Connection to Smoke Alarm

Full control over of your smoke alarm unit. Identify if a smoke alarm is triggered. If an alarm is triggered you will be notified. Monitor status of the connection to an external smoke alarm and observe historical activity of smoke alarms. Any alarms will be notified in the app and communicated via an SMS message

Fuel Heater Control

Arrive to a warmed-up boat. Remotely control on a fuel heater via the Sensar Marine App (Webasto, Eberspächer Airtronic, etc.). You will see the status in the app when the device is on or off

Remote Control of Heating System

Enable on/off  function of a 220V heating system. If power is lost I want to be notified, as well as determine operating time or continuous heating.

Controll 12V / 24V Devices

Remotely control devices connected to 12V / 24V power. Turn on a device permanently or for a specified amount of time - this status will always be visible in the app. 
Sensar Marine
Sensar Marine

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