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This is
Sensar Marine

Sensar Marine is a team of entrepreneurs, digital doers and boat enthusiasts brimming with ideas. We welcome your own ideas too so please do take contact if you have thoughts about how we can take our product and service further.

Safe and smart boating!

Hear Sensar Marine's story, straight from its founder

Image of Paal Kaperdal

Paal Kaperdal

Chief Executive Officer
Image of Stefanie Holmgeirsdottir

Stefanie Holmgeirsdottir

Image of Bjørnar Mykkeltvedt

Bjørnar Mykkeltvedt

Image of Austin Bliss

Austin Bliss

Director of North America
Image of Paul Garland

Paul Garland

VP, Remote Monitoring Solutions
Image of Ørjan Vognstølen

Ørjan Vognstølen

Director of Sales and Partnerships
Image of Pål Sivertsen

Pål Sivertsen

Senior Systems Engineer
Image of Andreas Urke

Andreas Urke

Senior Software Engineer

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