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Priser for SmartBoat One

Det medfører en månedlig avgift for tjenesten. Du kan velge mellom tre unike abonnementsløsninger - skreddersydd for å passe dine behov.

Where To Buy

You can find Sensar Marine at your favorite boat dealer, installer, or marine electronics retailer.

Boat Monitor in Box

Buy Local!


Sensar Marine passionately supports local marinas, boat dealers, and electonics installers.  If you have one you trust, please give them your business!

You will get the same $499 retail price... and a personal touch!

Just say you want the Sensar Marine Boat Monitor with Bilge Sentry


... or Buy Online

For those of you who prefer to shop online, you will find multiple vendors selling Sensar Marine.

Online or in person, our retail price is the same $499

Boat Monitor in Box

... or Buy Direct


Or, if you rather, you can buy from the manufacturer directly